Deep Fried Goodness

​佳記小食店 – Hong Kong, Mong Kok, 旺角登打士街41號 (41 Dundas St)

Mobile food hawkers in Hong Kong were very popular from the 1950’s until the Hong Kong government decided to crackdown on them in the mid 90’s for a variety of reasons including food safety and public safety.  For those of you that are not familiar with Hong Kong street food, here’s a sample of what you can get – curried fish balls, steam siu mai, stinky tofu, egg waffles, roasted chestnuts, beef offal and deep fried pig intestines – the options are endless!

As the government pushed many of the hawkers out of business, some decided to open a storefront.  I am not sure how long 佳記小食店 has been around for, but everytime I visit Hong Kong, I end up eating here.  As mentioned earlier, you can get almost anything here – deep fried fish balls, sausages, intestines, tofu, squid tentacles, imitation shark fin soup, siu mai etc…  If you come here with a $100HKD bill ($18-20CAD) and spend it all, you will be stuffed.  The food all tastes amazing, mainly due to all the MSG, but if you are eating street food, you know it’s not going to be healthy!
Service here is quick, as in you better know what you are going to order and not get in the way of others. Figure out what you want before you start ordering!

tl;dr: great food, average service


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