Saskatoon Asian Restaurant

Saskatoon Asian Restaurant – 136 2 Ave S, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K5

When you saw the title of this blog, you probably didn’t think that’s ​the name of the restaurant. Well… It is.

I decided to order take-out through Skip The Dishes, which is a similar website as Just Eats.  As a matter of fact, Just Eats recently bought Skip The Dishes.  I placed my order online at 7:47pm and when the order was accepted, I was given an estimated pickup time of 10:15-10:30pm. WHAT?!  Figured it was a mistake, so I went to the restaurant at about 8:10pm and my order was ready.  Way to go, technology…

I ordered a shrimp fried rice, a wonton soup and a beef & broccoli stir fry. In three takeout bag, I was given 2 packets of soya sauce. I really could’ve used about 10.  The shrimp fried rice tasted like a burnt wok and had no other flavours.  The shrimp still had tails on them, which meant I had to slowly pick out the shrimp before eating spoonfuls of rice.  The broccoli in the broccoli & beef stirfry had some flavours as it was sitting in a lot of liquid.  I don’t think they marinated the beef though and it was also not very tender.  The wonton soup confused me.  It had a bunch of mystery meat wontons, napa cabbage and slices cha Siu (BBQ pork).  The soup tasted like 5lbs MSG, but the wontons had no taste.

Didn’t really get to experience the service since the food was ready when I got to the restaurant.  There were also only 2 customers in the restaurant at the time so the lady greeted me instantly when I entered the place.

On a side note, as you can see in the picture, I was drinking a growler of beer from Silver’s Market.  They sell local beers and liquors.  Yes…I was also drinking beer out of a paper Starbucks cup.

tl;dr: ask for many soya sauce packets


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