Japanese BBQ

Gyubee – 7100 Woodbine Ave #100, Markham, ON L3R 5J2

Japanese BBQ, where have you been all my life? To be honest though, I have no idea the difference between Korean BBQ and Japanese BBQ…

Gyubee is an all-you-can-eat & cook your own food restaurant with a very strict 1.5 hours limit for lunch and 2 hours limit for dinner.  When I say strict, they will let you know when it’s last call to order more food about 20-25 minutes before your time limit, and they will pretty much kick you out when you hit your limit.  I’ve been here a few times and had the same experience each time.  My most recent time was on a random Tuesday evening, didn’t think they were going to be packed, but they were!

This restaurant offers a huge variety of meats such as kalbi (thinly sliced boneless beef short ribs), marinated kalbi, pork cheek, pork belly, chicken thigh, chicken cartilage, squid, shrimp, beef tongue, thinly sliced sausages and much more.  I guess they also have some veggies (zucchini, asparagus, enoki mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms)!  They also offer decent side dishes, which include kimchi, beansprouts, miso soup, cold noodles and bibimbap.  For dessert, you can order as many creme brulee as you want and each person can have one Melona popsicle (flavours have been different in each visit).

Service is great at this restaurant. There are tons of servers and they are all very attentive.  When you order food, they usually bring it out right away.  I guess they have to provide this type of service if they are so strict with the time limits.


– time limit starts when the FIRST person is seated at the table – Don’t be late.

– order kalbi and lots of it, it’s amazing!

tl;dr: amazing food, great service, don’t be late


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